Thursday, July 5, 2012

It's 103 outside...what to eat??

    Unfortunately for our waistlines, my wife and I are both very, very into food.  So you know that when we don't feel like eating, something's up.  But we're now in our second week of 100-degree-plus temperatures, and it honestly can take your appetite away at times.  So, what to eat? 
     Well, thanks to Jerry S. from church, we have an abundance of fresh, locally-grown cucumbers in our fridge.  They're crisp, decidedly 'summery' and refreshing, so we'ev been trying to figure out tasty ways to use them.  Again, Sycamore comes to the rescue, in terms of inspiration.  Mike and his kitchen crew whip up a mean Greek Salad up there, and we decided we'd do a riff on this, adding warm pita bread and a bit of our favorite, homemade hummus
     Throw together some red onions, thinly sliced cucumbers, reduced-fat Feta cheese, (in my case) some kalamata olives, some of our hot peppers from the back garden, and a lemon viniagrette based on the one here, and you have a flavorful, refreshing, healthy meal for when the mercury spikes and the throught of eating anything heavy is repulsive.  Sidenote: we didn't have any sumac, and substituted dried oregano in the dressing.  It wasn't bad, but the acid was a bit overpowering for our tastes; we may play with this a bit in the future, but it was certainly a good starting point.  Eat this as a wrap:

or as a veggie platter, with hummus and pita on the side:

Either way, you won't be disappointed!

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