Friday, October 28, 2011

Friday Night Cocktail {1}

"Friday Night Cocktail" is a new blog feature that we're going to be starting where once a week we highlight a new cocktail! Each week we'll share a new cocktail recipe and some of our brief thoughts about it!

In honor of Halloween, this week's Friday Night Cocktail is...

(from the recipe found HERE)

1/2 bottle Castillo white rum
1/4 bottle 337 Cabernet Sauvignon
2 oz. lime juice
3 oz. Hiram Walker triple sec
3 oz. simple syrup

  1. We started by making the simple syrup--but with a SHORTCUT!  To make a quick and easy simple syrup, you use a 1-to-1 sugar-to-water ratio.  Shake or stir the mixture until the sugar is thoroughly dissolved.  (The difference is mostly in the consistency as this quick mix is slightly thinner than the more labor-intensive cooked simple syrup.)
  2. Next, you simply mix all of the ingredients together and let sit in the refrigerator for awhile! The website suggests about 2 hours and I would probably agree.
  3. Serve! :-)
Some thoughts on this recipe...
  • Definitely don't skip the chilling!  This drink is best served COLD.  I recommend serving this over ice.
  • It's a bit "bitey" (boozy) at first sip. You definitely taste all that booze it has!  This is why I think it's best served really cold, otherwise the booziness is a bit overwhelming.
  • Go cheap! We used less expensive rum and it would totally work with an inexpensive red (such as the $3 Merlot from HyVee) or whatever you have on hand that you're willing/ready to part with.  This isn't a drink that relies on top-shelf products to make it delicious. 

Be sure to check back next week! We'll be making a S'mores martini...
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