Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Some Really Old (and Really Delicious) Ice Cream

Funny thing about freezers (especialy chest freezers) is that things can get buried deep down in the bottom, never to be seen again.  Well, almost never again.  When we got a second freezer, we found out that we had one pint left of Haagen Dazs Sticky Toffee Pudding Ice Cream.  For a lot of you, this may sound like the weirdest ice cream flavor you've ever heard of, but for those of us who love the classic British dessert, it's perfectly logical to turn it into a frozen treat! 
This flavor was the winner of 'Scoop!', a Food Network special that ran back in 2006 (that's right, five years ago!).  The whole idea of the show was for a bunch of people to compete with weird and whacky flavors for new ice creams and the winning recipe would become a limited release flavor from Haagen Dazs.  Jess and I were both pulling for the sticky toffee pudding, and we couldn't believe it; it won!  When the ice cream finally came out (2006 or 2007, I can't remember) we bought a bunch and, apparently, we'd saved one for a lot longer than we'd thought.  Oh well, we popped it open tonight and it was delicious!  There was just a tiny change in the consistency from fresh, but for an ice cream that's 4-5 years old, it's quite remarkable. 

The ice cream, while listed as simply 'vanilla' tasted remarkably like fresh vanilla custard (often served alongside the original dessert in England).  The cake was rich and sugary, with really nice dark caramel and dark fruit (think dried raisins or figs) flavors.  This is quite sweet, and every bit as decadent as the original.  There's a reason we still had this in our freezer (other than our forgetfulness).  Both of us agreed that this was probably the single best ice cream flavor we'd ever had.  Hopefully, a homemade take on this is somewhere down the line...


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