Monday, January 7, 2013

Belgian Witbier Vinaigrette


     To accompany the carbonnade flamande we made for Christmas Eve, we wanted to start out with something light and refreshing, but with a hint of Belgian flare.  Since both the carbonade and the dessert to follow were rather rich, we wanted something light, and settled on salad.  Below is the recipe for the homemade dressing we made, loosely based upon the recipe here, but with several twists of our own.  Overall, it worked out very nicely, and would be great over your basic spring mix (as we chose), or perhaps over some slightly bitter greens. 

   Belgian Witbier Vinaigrette   (serves 6-8)

     -4 oz. freshly-squeezed orange juice
     -4 TBSP high-quality white balsamic vinegar
     -1 TBSP dijon mustard (we used Emeril's 'kicked-up' horseradish variety)
     -1 heaping TBSP honey
     -2 oz. Belgian witbier (we used Boulevard's Zon, but it's seasonal; New Belgium's Mothership Wit
      or the imported Hoegaarden would work nicely as well, and they're readily available).
     -Salt and pepper, to taste. 

For a simple, refreshing salad, mix all ingredients together, shake well, and pour over greens topped with slivered almonds, or perhaps orange slices or some mellow goat cheese. 

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