Sunday, October 21, 2012

Quickes Oak Smoked Cheddar

Tag--English cheddar aged between 12-15 months, smoked naturally over oak chips. 
Dark butter hue, with some crystallization from the age. Light brown edges, from the smoke.  No artificial flavors.
Rich, pleasant cheddar and natural smoke aromas.  Dry, relatively heavy texture, much like an aged Parmesan, but without the crystalline mouthfeel.  Dry, natural smoke and wood flavors along with mellow, slightly sweet cheddar flavors.  Overall, this is quite pleasant, but more mellow than I anticipated from the aromas.  Definitely has a bit different smoke character than the smoked cheeses I’m used to (typically cheaper smoked Goudas).  This tastes more natural, earthy, and woody than any others. 
Around $19.99 a lb. at World Harvest.  We love English Cheddar and smoke cheeses, and so we had to try this.  This is fantastic on its own, and would likely pair well with mild breads and malty sweet beers (perhaps a milder Strong Scotch Ale) as well. 
At the price, it’d have to be a small piece, but I’d definitely buy this again. 

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